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Every year, your guests are looking for attractions that are, new, exciting and can only be found at their local fair or festival. We provide the latest in fair entertainment with exciting attractions and product lines: Beat the Bar Challenge and Water Balls


Human Hamster Balls

Our newest attraction, the Human Hamster Ball, is the sport of rolling around the game area in a giant inflatable ball. Those who have already crawled inside and rolled around report non-stop laughter and even more laughs when you try to bounce into a friend or family member in the next one.

There is one opening on the outside, and guests just slide through and into the ball. Adults ride solo, or smaller kids can ride two at a time. The design is completely safe and does not use water or a giant zipper to seal the balls.

Our Human Hamster Ball attraction is available for booking at fairs, festivals, and special events.

Amazing Attractions number one priority is the safety of our guests!

The safety of our guests is our number one priority.  In our first year of operation, we gave over 10,000 rides without any incidents. 

HYGIENE- We exceed recommended hygiene standards for our Human Hamster Balls! The inside of every ball is washed daily with disinfectant anti-bacterial wipes and each ball is changed out with a clean ball every 3 hours. We adjust the number of cleaning cycles depending on customer traffic and usage.

OPEN AIR DESIGN- The Hamster Ball features a open air design in which air can flow through the opening on the ball.  There is no need to inflate the ball once the rider gets inside and there are no zippered seals.

AIR QUALITY- Since the Hamster Ball features a open air design, fresh air is constantly flowing in and out of the ball.

OUR TEAM- Every member of our team undergoes safety training before working an event. We always have an attendant walking around the arena assisting each customer assuring their comfort and safety. Two employees help load and unload each customer and are trained how to do so appropriately. We take pride in being the best when it comes to safety!

It is a unique, new attraction that is sure to set your event apart from the rest! For more information, please email us..

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