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Every year, your guests are looking for attractions that are, new, exciting and can only be found at their local fair or festival. We provide the latest in fair entertainment with exciting attractions and product lines: Beat the Bar Challenge and Water Balls


Water Balls

Our water balls are a unique new attraction in which riders get the opportunity to walk on water inside a air sealed hamster ball! The 6 and a half foot diamater walking water ball has enough breathable air volume inside the sphere for an average person to remain inside for a long period of time without refilling the ball.

This attraction is complete with a large rectangular pool.

Amazing Attractions number one priority is the safety of our guests!

The safety of our guests is our number one priority.  In our first year of operation, we gave over 10,000 rides without any incidents. 

HYGIENE- We exceed recommended hygiene standards for our water-balls! The inside of every ball is washed daily with disinfectant anti-bacterial wipes and each ball is changed out with a clean ball every 3 hours. We adjust the number of cleaning cycles depending on customer traffic and usage.

INFLATION- Every customer receives fresh air pumped into their water-ball from ultra quiet, high-volume air movers. Loud blowers can damage sensitive areas of the ear. We carefully selected the perfect combination of a high volume blower with the ability to inflate the water-ball quickly while keeping our customers safe.

AIR QUALITY- Our manufacturing engineers have stated there is enough oxygen inside each ball to safely play for 45-60 min inside the water-ball. We decided to test it out for ourselves, so we personally climbed inside the ball and played as hard as we could for 45 minutes. Although we were exhausted, we still had plenty of oxygen to safely continue. Just to be extra safe, we chose to make our ride last no longer than 5 minutes, staying far away from the recommended safety threshold. Most people are ready to come out by then and it keeps our customers refreshed and wanting more!

OUR TEAM- Every member of our team undergoes safety training before working an event. We always have at least two pool attendants in the pool walking around each customer assuring their comfort and safety. Two employees help load and unload each customer and are trained how to do so appropriately. We take pride in being the best whenit comes to safety!

Our Water Ball attraction is available for booking at fairs, festivals, and special events. For information on booking this unique attraction, please email us..

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